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In the last 20 years, a variety of new materials have been introduced to watchmaking. The horological world was introduced to aluminum-based alloys and Liquidmetal, but titanium has been the most popular.

The watch industry began to use lighter materials at the turn of the millennium as the demand for larger watches grew. The first Omega Replica Watches were produced in the 1970s. However, their lightweight but robust quality has made them even more popular over the last few years.

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Omega Replica Watches have many replica watches Discovered in 1791 by English mineralogist William Gregor and first used for aerospace and military applications, titanium has been around since then. It gradually penetrated many industries, including the watchmaking industry, due to its lightweight and robust properties.

Titanium is about half the weight and strength of stainless steel, but it's also lighter. It meets the needs of sport watches, as well those of repeater or chiming watch cases.

Titanium is anti-magnetic and resistant to heat.Patek Philippe replica watches It's also virtually corrosion-proof. Titanium is generally softer than stainless, so it is more susceptible to scratches.

Titanium's bio-compatibility is the primary reason it is used in the watchmaking industry. Omega Replica Watches are hypoallergenic, or they do not trigger allergic reactions like stainless steel watches. This makes titanium more comfortable, especially when it comes to larger, heavier watches.